Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Octopus Woman Let Me Go+Your Bodys Making Eyes At Me-Dick Kent

Two tracks from the 'song-poem' star, Dick Kent. We featured 'Peace and Love(Blind Mans Penis)' early on in this blog, so if you haven't heard that check it out, as it's the daddy of this genre.
Octopus Woman however is an epic tale of,well,an Octopus Woman and what happened on the beach at the sea. Full of suspense and just a hint of terror, you'll never look at an Octopus or a woman in the same way again.
'Your Bodies Making Eyes At Me' is a love song. A great concept for a love song, suprised Bonnie Tyler or Meatloaf didn't come up with this first. I guess she had a really great body...

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