Thursday, 30 April 2009

Je Danse Donc Je Suis-Brigitte Bardot

I'm off to Dordogne in a week or so which is a great excuse to put up some tracks by french/French related artistes, starting with this gem from Brigitte Bardot. I was told by a friend that the title of this translates as the well known English phrase, 'You dancing? asking?'...I could be wrong...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Crossing Streets and Truthfulness-Baby Snooks

Adults pretending to be children is not soley the preserve of the religious, oh no, it goes way back.
Here's Fanny Brice as
'Baby Snooks' being taught some harsh lesson about life that all seem to heavily involve spanking and being spanked...

Diary Of An Unborn Child-Lil' Markie

Ah, where would we be without religion?
I've half mind as to where Lil' Markie would be without it but maybe thats being cruel...after all, he has an audience and has rightly become something of a legend on the internet.
Words cannot fully express his 'act', but suffice to say he's a grown man that inhabits the body, mind and voice of a small child, 'Lil' Markie'.
There is much more where this came from including a rockin' version of 'The Lords Prayer' that puts Sir Cliff to shame. Enjoy?

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I Kinda Think He Does-Carla Thomas

Great single from the Stax label and Carla Thomas, 'The Memphis Queen'.
As much as I love the vocal on this I think it's the lyric's that clinch it for me. The use of the word 'kinda' and lines like 'at least he tells me so' always dragging the song back into doubt is genius.
The way that the lyric is downbeat, ironic,almost comedic but not quite, reminds me of The Smiths, whom I'm sure were inspired by this kind of stuff.

Monday, 20 April 2009

A Well Respected Man-The Kinks

There are not many more well respected men out there than Ray Davies of the The Kinks.
It doesn't look likely and of course 'it wouldn't be the same', but having never seen them live I still hope they could get together for one last tour/show!
I'll just have to check out Ray's show at Kenwood House on Saturday 27th June.

Friday, 17 April 2009

How Does It Feel To Feel-The Creation

Legendary Mod outfit The Creation serve up 'How Does It Feel To Feel'.
Much admired by Pete Townsend this classic slice of English freakbeat has the power and speed to stand up with the best....and yes, this is the band Alan McGee named his record label after (and band..biff bang pow)

There's A Ghost In My House-R Dean Taylor

Keeping the Motown/Northern Soul vibe going here is the excellent R Dean Taylor with his classic track, 'There's A Ghost In My House'. Seriously underrated, check out his excellent website and get yourself a decent compilation.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

First I Look At The Purse-The Contours

Now, I must admit it's not normally the first thing I look at...but you know...times are crunch an all that...

Nice twist on the 'goldigger' theme with this Northern Soul stomper from The Contours. They are currently touring, so if you like this, go check them out, buy the cd...t-shirt etc..etc...

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I Feel Much Better-The Small Faces

OK, so maybe not the 'mod-ist' Small Faces track, but great none the could it not be...taken from their second album, 'Small Faces' from 1967...issued also, with different track listing as 'There Are But Four Small Faces' in The USA.

The Rise Of The Brighton Surf-Kim Fowley

I'm off to Brighton this weekend so I'd thought i'd pop up a few mod(-ish) records, starting with this oddity from Kim Fowley. If you don't know who he is...well you should, check him out as he's been involved in lots and lots of great records over the years...Bubblegum, Alley-oop,The Trip, to name just a few...
This fun track is from his 'Outlaw Superman' album which collects various odd singles Fowley put out...Oh, and you may well recognise the tune...

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

King Of Fuh-Brute Force

The undoubted genius that is Brute Force is perhaps best known for this gem released on The Beatles Apple label in 1969 (yes, really!). It tells the tale of the mighty 'Fuh King', his kingdom and his mighty doings...
Mr Force is still active and performing in NYC and elsewhere, so if you get the chance, go check him out!
Also check out his superb album 'Confections of Love' ...a track from which will appear on here soon-ish...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Reaching Into In-Ken Nordine

Taken from his Word Jazz albums, this is a good example of what Ken Nordine is all about, hipster jive and cocktail jazz make for smooth listening with a slighlty sinister air...

Friday, 3 April 2009

High Life (Theme-Stop,Look,Listen)-Tany Turens

Back to School with the theme from 'Stop Look Listen' and a bit of flute action and fonky bassline...the 70's eh...

Thursday, 2 April 2009

!Que Vida!-Love

One of my very favourite tracks from one of my very favourite bands-'!Que Vida!' by Love.
I think this track features pretty much everything I like about the band...the time changes, tone of guitar/sound and great vocals/melodies...not to mention the amazing lyrics!
This track is taken from the album 'De Capo', the predecessor to the more famous 'Forever Changes' and in my opinion De Capo would have been the superior album if they could have produced the quality of side one on side two, instead of the 17 minute long jam they filled it with...
I was lucky enough to see Arthur Lee with 'Love' perform at the RFH shortly before he died....very lucky indeed!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Disco Clap-Mad Disco Special

Perhaps the 'maddest' track from the 'MAD Disco Special' flexi disc is 'The Disco Clap'...the other tracks are parodies of disco standards with titiles such as 'Barely Alive' and they are fine, but this one goes off into it's own with the lyrics. There's a lot in there and of course you could have fun coming up with your own variations as to what you could actually 'clap'...added to this is the implication of actually 'catching and spreading' the disco clap...(obviously he frequents the same disco's as I)...and I'm sure he says you can 'clap' your 'Family jewels and clap your partners tool' at one point too...hmmm...

April Showers-Al Jolson

Something to cheer the bankers and G20 world leaders up....