Monday, 28 June 2010

Half Man Half Biscuit.

'Trouble is these days you never see a dog on the pitch'

...dunno after watching the England-Germany debacle...certainly no lions on that pitch...anyhow, thought I'd post some football related Half Man Half Biscuit song form their rather marvelous oeuvre, so deep breadth, here we go with '1966 And All That', 'I Was Teenage Armchair Honved Fan', 'Even Men With Steel Hearts', 'Friday Night And The Gates Are Low', 'Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets' and 'The Referee's Alphabet'.
There are yet more HMHB footy songs, but thats enough for now!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Make Me An Island-The England World Cup Squad 1970

Perhaps my favourite track from the infamous 1970 World Cup Squad album (most famous for 'Back Home) is this, 'Make Me An Island'...quite beautiful with great singing/accents...reminds of a Half Man Half Biscuit track, though can't quite remember which one...perhaps I'm mistaken?

Various TV Sport's themes...

Hold onto your gussets ladies as 'dishy' Des Lynem leads us into a few classic British sporting themes fromf The Tony Hatch Orchestra, Sound Stage Orchestra and many do you know?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Geordie Sunday-Jack Charlton

Wor Jackie Charlton here with what was, apparently the inspiration for Morrissey's hit single, 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'...must say, I much prefer Charlton's effort...and well, Morrissey has never kissed the Pope's ring has he?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

World Cup Argentina-Ennio Morricone+Ole Ola-Rod Stewart

Something from the master-Ennio Morricone here with his sublime 1978 track 'World Cup Argentina'...and as a counter to this, from the same World Cup is one of Rod's (and Scotlands) finest moment's 'Ole Ola'...superb stuff!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pass,Shoot,Goal-Gracie Fields

Superb song from the wonderful Gracie Fields...they quite simply do not write them like that anymore, or perform them like that I might add!
I'd like to make this one a very special dedication to a certain Mr Blackwell of S2, with the emphasis on the 'Pass' section of the title.

England+Somebody Needs-Kevin Keegan

You got to love Kevin Keegan, well , apart from when he managed England...but here he is with his heartfelt plea to return to his homeland after exile in Germany. Admittedly Super Kev had more success with his disc's in Germany than here, but hey, 80 million Germans couldn't be wrong...could they?
Anyhow, there's a yearning quality to 'England' that touches one and you can really feel Kev's pain... if you flip to the b-side we get 'fonky-kev', sounding like he's walked into an 80's American tv show. ..future-disco if a little forlorne and plodding, particularly on the extended fade out...splash it all over...

Monday, 7 June 2010

My World Is A Football-Bruce Thompson

Thought I'd stick a few footy songs up in the run up to world cup 2010 starting with this beauty from Bruce Thompson. 'My World Is A Football'...this one it has it all, big chorus,earnest vocal,a touch of brass and more than a hint of euro-pop...wonderful...