Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It's a Small World-Disney

Great images from the infamous 'Air Pirates' comic strip from the 60's. From what I know of it the comic was a parody of Disney comics/characters although when sued, Disney proved that this was actually the 'real' Mickey Mouse et all and so it wasn't a parody, or something like that...make a great film, if someone's up for more lawsuits...


  1. I remember seeing this on a doc called 'Comic Book Confidential' many years ago. The creator is interviewed playing pool with 2 busty women dressed in 80s sexy gear. He kept pausing to admire them play pool.

  2. So that's what made you want to do comics eh?

    Think I had it on tape somewhere. I'll have to dig it out or youtube it to refresh me memory...'busty women...80's sexy gear...'
    It's all coming back to me now...