Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wasted+Tell Me Lies+Keep the Dogs Away-Thor

More than a touch of Glam with this excellent stuff from Canadian Heavy Metal act 'Thor'. Now you can't go far wrong if you're a body builder named after the norse God of thunder, and I suppose it's only natural that Thor would perform Heavy Metal, though this is perhaps more like a cross Between Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, particularly on 'Wasted', which is no bad thing thing in my book...and what's more Thor-The rock Warrior is still at it over in Canada book him now to avoid disappointment!
Check the 'storming' video below for full impact...and also his truly amazing 'Metal Bending' +'Hot Water Bottle trick' to be found on youtube, a true entertainer!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Are You Being Served Sir?-John Inman

'...little good around the house and no good with an iron'

Three superb tracks from the late great John Inman...the most famous 'Are You Being Served Sir', alongside 'Sun Sign's' and 'Captain Ginger'...all from the first LP, which I prefer...though the 'brass' cover is great...
It's innuendo-a-go-go here so if that's not your cuppa char then you'll have to move on...if it is then sit back and enjoy a great voice, lyrics and then, what possibly rhymes with Uranus?

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