Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dis Moi Poupee-Isabelle

...or 'Tell Me Doll', apparently something about racialism according to the lyrics...

Tell me doll that I love
Thou who has black skin
Tell me doll that I love
Tell me I want to know

Why small children
Born blacks and other whites
Tell me why there
Who are hungry and who are cold


Whether black or white they are
I know that children
Find themselves among friends
Play among themselves and love themselves

And why when they are large
Everything is so different
They are all as bad
Whether black or white they are


All these children who are hungry
Her eyes wet with grief
It was good film Font size
Say all that was not true
Say it was not true and all ... (ad lib)

not your typical Yé-Yé, I'll grant you.

Jenny Beloved-Dick Kent

A great 'death song'from our pal Dick Kent...very earnest and sincere, Dick gets this one just right...