Saturday, 22 August 2009

I Can't Explain+Do It Like A Dog-Dean Milan

I'm not too sure what to call my next string of post's. Ranging from the 1950's to the present day, they're all made up from material found mostly outside what is classed as 'the mainstream' and the charts,(whatever they were!)
Weirdo music sounds a little crass, so I guess the nearest name for it would be 'outsider music', akin to outsider art I guess, and often sharing the same rawness in application and invention born from necessity.

Of course some of these artist's have found fame , with the likes of Daniel Johnson,Wesley Willis and the like finding cult status in the alt/counter culture worlds and being fated whilst other's are bound to remain least for awhile yet.(until used in film or an ad soundtrack or something)

It's hard to explain the appeal of this often off-key, 'wacky?' music as it varies so much in style and content, though I do find myself listening to it a lot at the expense of more 'normal' music and it so it can't purely be novelty...(he said)

To kick off we'll start with two tracks from the mighty Dean Milan, 'I Can't Explain' and 'Do It Like a Dog'.
He's a casio-soul man with a unique method of delivery that is sure to repulse and attract listeners in unequal measure. Don't know much about the guy other than it's pure pop genius.

p.s-I'm not even sure if the above image is of Dean Milan, though I'd like to think he looks something like this...

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