Friday, 28 August 2009

Abercrombie and Fitch+ T.V Cowboy(The Ballard of Wyatt Urp)-Bob Peck

Satire...can't live with it can't live without out it.
Two tracks, Abercrombie and Fitch and T.V Cowboy(Ballard of Wyatt Urp) with a kind of 'broadway feel' that remind me a little of 96 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fileds.
Taken from the album'Songs that Never Made The Hymnal' Bob Peck takes a modern (50's) look at the world in a smart-ass New York kind of way, lots of good lines in there with a particular favoutire of mine being, 'I'll marry a zombie...for you Abercrombie'
Beware though! The T.V Cowboy song contains the 'Bull-Shipper' joke...wonder who came up this originally?


  1. Seems like an extremely rare find - reminds me somewhat of Tom Lehrer. Do you know anyplace to get the entire LP?

  2. I've got it somewhere, i'll have a look and post a link...

  3. Great songs, i've been trying to find the LP without success for some time now, i wonder if you found it. Awesome Blog btw, definitely gonna become one of my regular "pages 2 visit", keep up the good work!