Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Princess Leather+Screaming Angels+We Came To Destroy-Heather Leather

Heather Leather, hell yes, let's rock!!!
Hailing from San Antonio this family band came to 'destroy' with a fantastic brand of 'out-of-tune' heavy metal that leaves most of the 80's metal bands trembling in it's wake.
Not sure why there aren't more all female heavy metal bands as most fans are men (boys?!) you'd think that it would be a winner...I'm sure someone somewhere has written a paper on it...
Anyhow,'Princess Leather' is an epic track that totally sums up the appeal of Heavy Metal and surely is ripe for a cover version, having said that I think my favourite is 'Screaming Angels' as I'm all for a bit of 'Uriah Heep' style wailing, though the guitar solo's on 'We Came To Destroy' are pretty special too.

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