Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Helping Hands+Skin+Imagination-Slim Goodbody

It's the New Year and thoughts turn to health, looking after our bodies and physical fitness after the xmas excess...well, it does for some of us...;)
So here is the wonderful and more than slighty freaky 'Slim Goodbody'.
Now this might jog a few of our American pals memories as he featured on TV shows thorughout the 70's/80's and is still going strong to this day.
The tracks here are from his 'Inside-Out and its his magnum-opus, the very pinnacle of his ethos epitomised in the skin tight 'Inside-Out' costume he always seems to wear like some paedo-super hero. 'Helping Hands' sets the lyrical and musical tone for the rest dealing with the heart,skin, nose etc...
Got to love 'Imagination which must be the only anti-drug song to use the reasoning that birds don't need drugs and liquor to fly/get high, so why do we?
Think my favourite lyric though, amongst many gems has to be on the rather fonky Skin...
'and what's my outside hide that keeps my fluids inside-Skin'...although 'the epidermis on the surface with a dermis and a fat below' runs it very close...

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