Monday, 21 February 2011

Soopersonic Syd Sings-Little and Large's been awhile...but the comedy continues...'Do you want laughs with that?' Perhaps...

This is a disc that you can have a real love/hate relationship with. I listen to it quite a lot but at times it's like water-torture or having your nails pulled...still, it must be the masochist in me that keeps drawing me back for repeated listenings to 'Soopersonic Syd Sings (Or Does he?) -
Little and Large

There are some of the most feeble attempts at C+W you'll ever hear but I've gone for the stronger stuff here with 'Millinoaire', 'Everybodys Makin' it' and the 'Large' showcase...'Telephone Man'...where Eddie Large 'dazzles' us with his range of impressions and Syd 'camps it up'...actually many of these impressions are lost on me...'Cosmo Smallpiece' isn't bad I suppose, but by the time you eventually get to Stan Laurel and his 'Hey Ollie' refrain it may all be a little too much..funny, I always quite liked his 'Deputy Dog' impression...

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