Friday, 16 July 2010

Are You Being Served Sir?-John Inman

'...little good around the house and no good with an iron'

Three superb tracks from the late great John Inman...the most famous 'Are You Being Served Sir', alongside 'Sun Sign's' and 'Captain Ginger'...all from the first LP, which I prefer...though the 'brass' cover is great...
It's innuendo-a-go-go here so if that's not your cuppa char then you'll have to move on...if it is then sit back and enjoy a great voice, lyrics and then, what possibly rhymes with Uranus?

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  1. Just came across this during a google search for images. Where did you find these songs? I knew he'd recorded Teddy Bear Picnic and Are You Being Served Sir?, but didn't know about these.

  2. Hi Dale42,

    I'm fairly sure I got these two gems from the rather wonderful Cosmobells you have any trouble tracking down and would like to hear then let me know...