Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rape+Neville Thumbcatch+Once Again(Flight no.10)-Peter Wyngarde

It has been brought to my attention that the 'Rape' track from my previous Peter Wyngarde post
http://tiny.cc/m4isg isn't working (not sure why but who I am to question the marvels of the web..time..space and that far away look in you eye, where my life has been spent alone...waiting in vain..) anyhow as a bonus I've re-upped the track along with two more tracks from that essential album 'When Sex Rears It's Inquisitive Head'.


  1. Thanks for re-upping this, and posting the other two tracks.

    I think that Rape is possibly an even more disturbing listen than Rhoda & The Special A.K.A's The Boiler - but for all the wrong reasons...

  2. ..all the wrong reason's indeed!
    Still, I'm very fond of the track/album and it deserves it's legendary status...I've noticed quite a few tracks have 'gone down' on here, I'll try and get some of these back up soon-ish!

    Check out the Tailights track below also for another rather disturbing disc!