Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Lot Like Lucifer (Celia Said Long Time Loser) Lotti Golden

Some of you with very keen hearing may well notice the hand (and other organs no doubt) of Bob Crewe here on this track from Lotti Goldens 'Motor-Cycle' album. What with the jazz inflections and 'soul vocal' it's a bitty affair that keeps me coming back for repeated listenings...just as she gets going it seems to drop into a 'jazzy phrase' or two...a lot like Lucifer indeed!
Nice bit of 'fuzz' under the vocals when they get going too...


  1. What a joy! Lotti Golden the ultimate Hippie Goddess and her amazing descant, "A Lot Like Lucifer." If you're familiar with the entire LP, "Motor-Cycle"(Atlantic, 1969) you'd know "A Lot Like Lucifer" follows "Motorcycle Michael." See, Michael, Golden's lover, morphs into Lucifer. So the artwork here is a perfect depiction of Lucifer's ejection; Crewe's hand is undeniable. The unlikely pair created a brilliant opus which should be re-released on CD for the uninitiated.

  2. Yes I am familiar with the LP and I agree that it should certainly be re-released and re-appraised!
    Glad you liked the link...

  3. Wow. I'd love to hear those master tapes before Bob Crewe's mixers got involved. Love Golden's voice--would like to hear more of it!